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Colonial (1971-1972)

Washington, DC 1971-1972
Capitol Beltway, MD 1971-1972
Baltimore, MD 1971-1972
Wilmington, DE 1971-1972
Philadelphia (30th St.), PA 1971-1972
North Philadelphia, PA 1971-1972
Trenton, NJ 1971-1972
Metropark, NJ 1971-1972
Newark, NJ 1971-1972
New York, NY 1971-1972
Rye, NY 1971-1972
Stamford, CT 1971-1972
Bridgeport, CT 1971-1972
New Haven, CT 1971-1972
Old Saybrook, CT 1971-1972
New London, CT 1971-1972
Westerly, RI 1971-1972
Kingston, RI 1971-1972
Providence, RI 1971-1972
Route 128/Westwood, MA 1971-1972
Boston (Back Bay Station), MA 1971-1972
Boston (South Station), MA 1971-1972
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